About Azim

Assalamualaikum & hye,

I’m Azim, or some of my friends called me Puch as my hometown is in Puchong. Photography is such an exciting thing to me since i was in primary school. Wedding photography is my main interest, love capturing the moments, smiles, laughter, and even cries. I always say I’m a wedding photographer since i bought my first camera back in 2004. Countless wedding I’ve covered, and i can’t wait to shoot even more.


AZiM like to think that photography matters. More importantly, wedding photography matters. And so, he get all excited when client approach with the same kind of passion and love for the work he do.

He work extremely hard at your wedding to capture the moments that matter – the little smile of the bride, the delight of proud parents and the innocence of carefree little children. Not the easiest of tasks – but with his experience, artistry and creativity, he strive to make sure that the memories of your wedding are anything but a blur.

So if you think he can strike a chord, give him a try and be pleasantly surprised by the little bit of fun and genious that he have to offer. He like to think that some of the most important moments in your life are his too.


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